CCS Mclays

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We transferred all ‘Goods Not For Resale’ requirements to CCS McLays – the scope running from critical branded items such as carrier bags, till rolls to the more mundane stationery and janitorial supplies.

The account management we receive from CCS McLays is excellent, both during the implementation phase and now a business-as-usual state is achieved – the resource committed during implementation and the attention to detail shown, was the key to a flawless handover from our incumbent supplier.

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With the amalgamation of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group, Peacocks and Jane Norman, we became 1,100 stores – and the contract stationery provider who initially took over their contract simply could not understand our needs as a Retailer.  

However – through CCS McLays’ audits, solution proposals, implementation, and regular innovation meets we now have a much better understanding of our precise requirements as a Retail Group... we need high levels of service, and CCS provide it!

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Moss Bros

We have worked with CCS McLays for a number of years now – we have found they provide a consistent and reliable end-to-end service, and are always highly responsive to our needs.

CCS McLays now do everything we did previously, and more. There are many benefits to us... we have freed up considerable cashflow by taking the stock off our balance sheet; and all consumables are now delivered direct to store, keeping our DC clear.  The stores order directly through the till, and deliveries are structured and orderly.  We have removed the stockpiles in the stores, and saved up to 40% on the consumables budget annually.