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A Retailer’s Typical Consumables Spend

Retailers throughout the world spend millions on the consumable items that shoppers quite often give little or no conscious thought to.

But without these non-retail products, retail would simply grind to a halt. Imagine a world with no till receipts, no sale tags and no carrier bags? No, we can neither.

Here at CCS McLays, we provide a one supplier, one delivery and one invoice solution encompassing all products.

And by that we really do mean all products from branded coat hangers to baskets to receipt printer toner.

But what does the typical retailer spend on this type of product and where is there scope for savings?

We’ve analysed our database and can reveal the following breakdown of spend:

Office Consumables – 5%
EOS – Printer Toner & Cartridges – 3%
Janitorial – 4%
Stationery – 4%
Hangers / Display Items – 8%
Retail Display & Fit – 8%
Till Rolls, Print (Stock/Non-Stock) – 3%
In-store Print/Gift Cards/POS – 17%
Gift Boxes / Carrier Bags / Mailing Sacks – 48%

Retailers have a choice of going to several different contractors for their consumables, but there is nobody like CCS McLays who can offer a one supplier, one delivery, one invoice solution.

Why use a supplier with a limited knowledge of a given product, when CCS McLays has the experience, the supply lines and the specialist knowledge in all of the above areas?

We can help mitigate any fluctuations caused by international currency swings by our advanced buying of foreign currency. This helps to stabilise prices for our clients to give them the benefit of managing budgets more effectively.

If the production cost of an item increases, then we can always look at switching manufacture from one part of the world to another to help keep costs down.

We can also help keep costs down with our free audit of your ordering process and we can cut down on retailers’ admin by providing just one invoice for everything. One supplier means ease of ordering.

Give us a call today to discuss your options.